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Vehicle Impound Services

Vehicle Removal and Private Impound Services in Long Beach, California

Impounding vehicles that are parked or abandoned on private property, or blocking access to fire lanes, is one of the specialty services we offer here at B T S Towing. Our team will travel within a 15-mile radius of our base in Long Beach, California.

If an unauthorized vehicle is illegally parked on private property, then we often get a phone call from the owner or landlord asking us to tow it away. Our service is free to the owner of the property, but we charge the vehicle owner for the work.

We have a number of towing vehicles available, and for impound jobs, we use either a flatbed towing truck or a wheel lift.

If a driver has parked his car so it is impeding someone’s access to a private garage or driveway, or if the car is blocking off a fire lane, then that is classed as a parking violation and we will tow the vehicle away if contacted. If there is an abandoned vehicle on residential or commercial property, we will carry out a private impound.

We work with homeowners associations (HOAs), as well as shopping mall operators, commercial properties such as grocery store parking lots, and we post signs where the vehicle was parked so owners know where they can retrieve it.

By state law, we must also notify the nearest police station in case the vehicle owner calls thinking the car has been stolen.

Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles can be a nuisance and, in some cases, a hazard. So make sure you call B T S Towing if you need them removed. We can be contacted at (562) 280-7993.


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